The Cake List


Our cakes are available in the following sizes: 25cm / 22cm / 20cm. For prices on our goodies, please contact Roenel Swart ( / 0765098523) Please note, no orders will be made without a 50% deposit.

Choc Fudge Mousse Cake

Moist rich choc cake with choc mousse and fudge pieces

Choc Brownie Cheese Cake

Rich choc brownie with cheese cake on top

Opera Cake

Layers of moist choc and coffee cake with choc mousse and coffee butter cream

White Choc Mousse Cake

Vanilla cake with vanilla mousse

White Choc Nougat Mousse Cake

Vanilla cake with white choc and walnuts

Marshmallow Cake

Nutella and rice krispies base with coconut mousse and rose marshmallow

Citrus Cake

Vanilla cake which is flavoured with lemon, orange, citrus curd and meringue

Orange Cake

Vanilla cake and orange cream cheese icing



Fererro Rocher Cake

Choc Cake with Nutella and Hazelnut Mousse

Rainbow Cake

Colours of the rainbow with white choc mousse

Coffee and Almond Cake

2 Frangipani layers with rice krispies filling with coffee and mousse on top

Dark Choc Mousse Cake

Layered moist choc cake with choc mousse filling

Redvelvet Cake

with cream cheese icing

Redvelvet Baked Cheese Cake

Baked cheese cake with redvelvet cake and cream cheese on top

Cremora Cake

Moist vanilla sponge layered cake filled with creamy cremora mousse

Chocolate Milktart

(not baked)

Carrot Cake

With pineapple and walnuts and cream cheese

Polka Dot Cake

Moist vanilla cake with choc mousse in the middle. When you cut it you will see the polka dots