About Us

Roenel Swart is the owner and creative brilliance behind Tihmily Cakes together with her husband Renier.

Roenel was trained at Warwick Chef School, situated in a quaint coastal village, on the slopes of the Onrust Mountains. Some of the establishments she worked for includes Maze Restuarant in the Table Bay Hotel, the One and Only Hotel, where she worked under the famously outspoken Gordon Ramsey as well as the Myatte Cafe & Chocolatier in the stunning V&A Waterfront. She also did a short stint in larger commercial baking for the international retail chain, Spar.

Tihmily was created in November 2012 and had, like every new born, its ups and downs. But with a dash of hard work, a sprinkling of inspiration and a dollop of passion we have mostly only experienced and celebrated the ups while cherishing the lessons learned from the downs.

With the love of baking ever growing and the market becoming flooded with a large number of at-home bakers, we had the choice to either go with the majority of ‘plain jane’ bakers or to

create a new and uniquely fresh identity. The latter was the only option and has been a delicious journey of discovery thus far.

From starting in a small humble kitchen to having a professionally set up baking area has been a process with tears, laughter and the occasional ‘why am I doing this?’

From the beginning in a small space constrained kitchen to where we are now in our professionally set up kitchen, we are growing steadily and will, for the sake of this journey, soon be leaving primary school for high school.

But here we are; our vision and brand, finding the way to establishments that speak of superior service and quality. From high end restaurants and conference venues, a vehicle franchise simply known as BMW to many and various individuals.