Tihmily Cakes, welcomes you.

For us, Tihmily is a message of hope & passion; the innocence of pure pleasure and love.

This is exactly what we want you to experience when you are savouring one of our delicacies.

It is an explosion of delectable and indulgent flavours, aromas and a quality that will ultimately leave you in love.

It starts with anticipation, draws you in, engulfs your senses, and leaves you with a feeling of blissful fulfilment.
A pure sensation.

New inspiration comes from old fashion ideas.

They are discovered after multiple tries and fails, Inspiration takes time. With us at Tihmily, it is in our soul to discover the new, inspire the creatives and challenge the standards. It is in our core to recreate the old in a truly breathtaking spectacle of excitement and awe.

It’s a love affair of the soul.